Common misconceptions about eating insects

You won’t get insect legs between your teeth
All of the time we get the comment: “but we can’t see the insects” or “I don’t want to eat something with whole insects in it”. They are afraid that they will feel small pieces of insects when they eat our products. They are scared of the consistency of crickets or worms - but there’s no need!
When our products are in production, the freeze dried insects are ground into an insect flour, before they are mixed into the other ingredients. 
This means that you won’t risk getting an antennae or leg between your teeth, when you enjoy our products. The only crunchy thing is the nuts.

We have caught the insects out in the wild
Nope, we haven’t caught the insects in the park.
When you imagine insects in bars, you can easily get an idea of the insects that you meet in your day to day life. But don’t worry. The insect, that we use in our products, comes from certified farms in the Netherlands.

And while we’re at it, no, they don’t carry diseases.
Since we get our insects from certified farms, they are bred under the correct conditions and that guarantees a proper product with all of the good proteins, minerals and vitamins. And absolutely no diseases whatsoever.

Insects does not taste gross - even though they might look like it (to some)
Many raise their brows and protests against tasting the insect products, because they see a picture of a cricket and exclaim “no, it looks disgusting”. But in reality, insects are actually quite flavourful. The ones we use are known for bringing a nutty and salty flavour to the products as well as providing a rich umami taste, that you know from meats and cheeses. So there’s actually absolutely nothing to worry about, when it comes to the taste of insects.