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Why would anyone consider eating insects; are they really that sustainable; what do insects taste like; and why would you ever want to build a business on the idea?

Meet the co-founders of Wholi for an inspiring presentation, where we draw on our startup journey, going from an idea to having success, and discuss the benefits of eating insects in relation to food security, nutrition and climate change.


Wholi is the result of a coincidental meeting between two young women:  Malena, the insect-enthusiast and researcher of termite-production in Kenya, and Jessica, gender-activist, social entrepreneur and strong scepticist of eating insects. Brought together by a passion to create sustainable solutions to global warming, we became closer aligned despite our differences, seeing the the commercial potential of making insect-based foods.

From experimenting in the kitchen with whatever insects available online and out in the wild, to delivering high quantities of food-authority-approved products in mainstream supermarkets, we have run into several great opportunities and challenges along the way. 

We use these experiences to give the audience a close insight of the process of starting an untraditional company, to discuss the benefits of eating and producing insects as well as the commercial potential.

Our presentations cater to the specific needs and interests of the audience, be it colleagues, students or members of an organisation, and are always engaging with the possibility to taste insects.

To receive a quote please get in touch indicating the amount of participants, estimated time and location and we will get back to you within 1-2 days.


For Christmas we are offering a unique presentation, where we go into more depth on the topic of how we measure the climate-friendliness of a given food. We also give inspiration on how to have a sustainable Christmas meal. We serve insect pebernødder and provide Christmas-friendly recipes.

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