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What I love about swimming is the sense of calmness when I jump into the water and can feel every little movement. I feel at one with myself when I am in the water.

Buff bars are really great because I need to consume protein after every workout, they are filling and easy to bring along on the go. It is also important for me to consume natural ingredients and of course that it is delicious, which Buff bars are!

Foto: JoKleindl


Running is my preferred sport because it is flexible, it is effective training and it makes me feel free. I love that I can put on my running clothes and be out of the door and running within a few minutes. I like that running can be social when I run with friends at NBRO running, or that I can choose to run on my own after a long day and let my thoughts drift away.

I am crazy about Wholi’s products because they are filling and have a delicious taste and consistency. Buff bars are not like sweet snack bars, but a real snack that stimulate your taste buds without being a sugar bomb.


Working out was never a chore I didn’t want to do. On the contrary, I have always used my workouts as my free space, where I can forget all the everyday worries, and instead focus 100% on the tough workout I’m about to do, or the heavy object I’m about to lift!

I bring Peanut Butter Buff Bar with me everywhere, it hasn’t only saved me on long marches in the military, where I have been low on energy and starving. It is my best friend, for instance when I go shopping on an empty stomach, so I don’t fall in the “sweet and unhealthy”-trap.

My toughest physical experience was doing Crossfit Hero workouts for 12 hours in a row. 


I run approximately 100 km every week distributed in 7-8 training passes. Running is indispensable to me; it is my daily source of wellbeing, calm in my mind and body and often also socializing with like-minded people.

I have had many amazing experiences with running including the Palestine Marathon along the wall to Israel. The biggest experience was probably the Tokyo Marathon; a very well arranged event in a completely magical and running crazed world.

My favourite Buff bar is coconut/lime. It is fresh but not too sweet, it tastes natural. I can eat it all hours of the day; though not too close to my workout.
Foto: Jonas Møller / SPORTMASTER.  


The thing I like most about athletics is that it is not a team sport. I am solely responsible for showing up to my trainings, prepare before the relays, if I want good results. At the same time we there is a club-environment, training buddies and friends that I have through sports. We are a “family”, but competitors on the track.

In the beginning it might sound strange that the protein is derived from insects, but it makes them climate friendly. And the protein quality is high.


I train duathlon and at the moment I am number 12 on the world ranking, so I am often either running or on my bicycle. That’s why I really have to take care of my body, I focus a lot on my training and the correct diet.

I focus on long-distance – for me it’s the mental aspect, the journey you could say, of the race that I really seek and which makes the long competitions super tough!

I really like the products with peanuts. I eat them as a quick snack on-the-go, as a high-protein evening snack (I HAVE to eat before going to bed). Wholi’s products are great because they have high protein.


I started my Ironman career eventhough I told myself I would ‘only’ do one ironman. It was the most amazing experience in my life and being a competition-person I had to beat my personal record.

I love Wholi’s peanut butter Buff bar – it tastes fantastic and is rich in protein, which is essential for my training in order to retain and grow my muscle mass!


I am an Olympic weight lifter and a part of the Danish National Team. I train 20 hours per week on average. It is a sport that breaks you down physically and mentally, but that rebuilds you and leaves you stronger than the day before.

Buff Bar with salty peanut butter is a delicacy. It is especially the fat and carbohydrate content of Buff Bars per 100 gram that is good for me.  

My biggest accomplishment has been combining my role as a parent and elite athlete. I still work on it every day and it motivates me to accomplish even bigger results.