Christmas Gift Box

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Christmas stocking, adventsave, pakkelegsgave, mandelgaveWe have you covered. 

Do you dare to eat crickets and buffalo worms? Squares are a perfect gift that taste delicious and start some great conversations about sustainability and insects.

This box comes ready in Christmas wrapping, as seen on the picture. 

You will receive one of each flavour 

  • 1 x Peanut Butter and Buffalo Worms

  • 1 x Chilli, Chocolate and Crickets

  • 1 x Peppermint, Chocolate and Crickets

All three squares are are made with organic dates, organic roasted nuts and insect flour (no visible bugs).

They are free from gluten, dairy and soy. 

Are you looking for a gift for your colleagues? Send us a message for a special offer wholi@wholifoods.com

Ingredients and nutritional value

Here you find lists of ingredients and nutrition values for chili, chocolate & cricket, peanutbutter & buffalo worms and peppermint, chocolate & cricket